Saturday, August 28, 2010

Art Hop Submissions

Just got the email this morning that my artwork was not chosen.

Back to the drawing board!

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Citra-Solv Art

So, I actually think I have perfected my method a little.

Instead of just painting the pages with Citra-Solv and closing the magazine up like suggested, I am using various pages to play with, and am using the solvent in a different way. I am flecking it on the page, immediately covering it with an alternative page, rolling it out quickly in sections.

Here are some pages I made with the method I made up as I went tonight. I am going to probably use most of these for a backdrop, or print something on them to use in an acrylic painting. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Previous Auction Creations

I thought I would share some of the items I designed for a school to use as part of their art auction. I hope you enjoy them.

This painting was created using two 15"x30" canvasses. I painted them blue and used a modeling paste to create the 3D clouds. I used 1/16th diameter wooden dowels painted copper to create the wires.

The children painted a wooden cutout of birds using acrylic paint. The birds were attached to the canvas with adhesive gel.

The total cost of this piece was $36.

It sold for $800 at a live auction.

This table and matching stool was created by a group of 3-6 year olds.

The table and stool were purchased at Goodwill for a total of $9. I sanded down and painted it white in order to showcase the colorful hand prints.

Each child painted a set of hand prints with acrylic paint, in any fashion they wished. The hands were placed and adhered to the table. Smaller hand prints made of paper were added to fill in the spaces.

The lyrics to the song by Ben Harper, "With my own two hands" were printed out on transparent paper and added randomly to the table. The table and stool were then sealed with a counter top based epoxy to make it smooth as a writing surface.

The total cost of the set was $48.

It sold at live auction for $800.

This quilt was made by 6-9 year old children. They were asked to create a quilt square depicting anything they desired. A volunteer finished the quilt.

The material cost $120.

The quilt was auctioned for $1,950.

This bookcase was made and donated by a volunteer and painted white. The children, aged 3-6 painted small wooden cutouts of various animals, which were then attached to the bookcase with strong adhesive.

The cost to create this was $11.

This was auctioned for $350.

This table was a solid oak, 40 inch coffee table, which was purchased used for $10. The table was sanded and painted black.

The children decorated paper dolls, which were adhered to the table on the outside. The center is a photo of the earth cut from a NASA poster. A quote was added.

The total cost of the table was $54

The table sold for $550 at auction.

This is a "Class Basket" assembled using a white toy chest purchased at a local retail store. Families added their favorite games and a few game related items.

The value of the basket was around $350 and I believe it sold for $400.

This glass bock was created using a hollow block from a craft store. Blank velum paper was used through an ink jet printer to create the image, which was then attached to the inside of the block on both sides. Battery operated lights were then added inside to light the block up.

These were used as centerpieces for sponsored tables. The sponsors were then allowed to take the blocks home as a token.

The cost of each block was $17 for the block, paper, ink and lights.

These were created by the children using a $2.99 frame from IKEA. We had volunteer photographers come in and take photos of the children working. Each class had a different theme for their projects. This class had the hand print table and stool, so we continued with it.

We used punched out hand prints, which the children glued to the frame, and punched out leaves for the tree branches. The photographer took pictures of the children working and that work was then added to the frame, so the parents could see the work in action.

The framed photos were then sold to the family for $35. Every frame was purchased for a total of roughly $4,725.

There were other projects created for which I do not have photographs. I wish I did, as the children did an outstanding job.

The filing cabinet pictured here was also a class project. The filing cabinet was free. The children painted it by using a grid system. Every child participated.

The cabinet sold for $200.

More items displayed at auction.

This was a personal piece donated by me. Each leaf on the tree was hand punched and attached to the canvas. There are roughly 10,000 leaves. The tree trunk was painted using a modeling paste and has the feel and texture of bark.

It is hanging in a classroom at the school.

The entire cost for all 10 class projects, 15 centerpieces and 135 individual frames was $1,672. The items sold for over $12,000.

The profit was $10,328