Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Things to Look At

I know it seems like it has been forever since I posted any new work, so without further delay....


The table was a Goodwill purchase as was the rack underneath. I converted a $10 purchase into a portable wine table. What do you think?

I am donating this item to a local organization for their annual auction.

The following table is an experiment, which will end up as my personal coffee table. I am using a roadside freebie, masks, spray paint, Citra Solv treated paper for the butterflies and once it is all put together, I will pour the whole thing in epoxy to smooth out the top, so the surface is level.

I also finished up another experiment tonight with glass blocks. I will post pictures of those in their own post.

Hope you can see I have been busy and not ignoring you.


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