Sunday, July 2, 2017


This piece just found a new home. It is a piece dedicated to the victims of the massacre in the Pulse nightclub last year in Orlando.

The names of each victim are on a scroll, which rests inside an individual bead, making up the heart in the middle. The number representing those killed and injured are displayed using church attendance numbers.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Working on Protest Posters

Carrie Fisher once told Meryl Streep, ""Take your broken heart, make it into art." I found that to be a profound statement and insight to how I tend to work on various art pieces and the emotionality of every piece that hangs on a wall somewhere.

The election did break hearts, but in that breaking I am starting to see a renewal to fight injustice and work towards changing things instead of staying inside the bubbles we are all guilty of creating for ourselves by virtue of our societal configurations.

We create bubbles by where we live. We create bubbles by where our kids go to school. We create bubbles by the virtue of our jobs, where we shop, what we watch on television and what books or newspapers we read.

Maybe the collective breaking of our hearts in the end will be a good thing, if we cultivate that brokenness into a collective awareness of the multilayered bubble we have around us and actively begin to step outside of it to see of fellow humanity unfilitered and clearly.

The problem will be, as it is with every movement, keeping the momentum going past the initial protests and actually rolling up our sleeves to do the work of so many before us. We as a society are so easily distracted by the slightest thing and if we continue to allow those distractions to pull us off the path we will lose our focus, our intentions and more importantly our momentum.

We must have a plan past the protests. We must read every bill before our legislative bodies on the local, state and federal levels. We must wake up to the nuance of the double speak within the laws being proposed and we must have our representatives contact information on speed dial in our phones, so there is no excuse to not take action. 

If we do not have a collective awakening and awareness, we are going to be slaves to the system established by the rich and privileged, and that slavery will not be based on the color of your skin. We will lose our freedom to know, to choose, to decide, to vote and to call this country free.

As we demand justice for the poorest and most disenfranchised, we must not forget to demand justice for those with privileged. Too often they walk free because our tunnel vision blinds us to the fact we can demand justice to free someone and to demand someone be held accountable.

The primary war has been waged against those who are disenfranchised, primarily women, and more specifically women of color. This war is not new. This war can be traced back to the beginning of time through a biblical story, from which justification is touted, or through actual history.

It is good to see more awareness by a larger percentage of women in this country, but do not be fooled into thinking all women are standing together. 55% of white women voted for VoldeTrump and his ilk, while also voting the same people back into office, who are now defunding and obliterating the very thing women need. I am talking about control over their bodies.

"Grab them by the pussy," has become normalized and has also become the battle cry of the GOP. They are being the more brazen than they have ever been in "putting women in their place," which seemingly is back into the 1900's.

The whining and hand wringing I hear coming from people who have been asleep and unaware until it affected them personally, kind of pisses me off. Glad you are finally awake, but where the hell have you been the last 20 years?

Access to birth control and the freedom to choose if and when you want children has been a battle of the poor and undereducated in this country for decades. The risk of Roe v. Wade being overturned has been real since the day it was decided. Where have you been?

Yes, I am pointing a finger at you, if you failed to vote in any local, state, or federal election in the past 30 years. If you failed to use your vote to prevent radical, far right, bible thumping, Christian, GOP terrorists from gaining office, then part of the current political disaster we find ourselves in, is at your feet. You have to own that reality, before we can move forward.

Don't get me wrong, it is better to wake up late and still make it to the protest, but I kindly ask that you not try to take over the direction of the protest from those of us who have been fighting against those who want to negate our rights with a stroke of a pen. 

Calling for me to love my enemy, and trust me the GOP is my enemy, will now fall on deaf ears. I am no longer willing to be the bigger person and meet people past the half way point to educate them as to how and why I am a human being. 

I have tried that approach.

They don't care.

I have had the talking points memorized for years.

They don't care.

I have been kind, helpful, loving, peaceful, accommodating, and listened to them with an open mind.

They don't care.

Now, I am in the position that I don't care. 

I do not care if they lose their SS benefits and begin to feel the pain of "what the hell am I going to do now?"

I no longer care if they lose their healthcare and face a life threatening illness and wonder how they will pay for it.

I no longer care if they risk losing their home because they can't pay their taxes due to the fact they have to pay for that wall.  

I no longer care if they get pregnant accidentally and are worried about how they will pay for pre-natal care, because it is once again a preexisting condition, they have no insurance and Planned Parenthood is gone. 

I no longer care what they have to say, because I am tired of listening to the narcissistic bullshit on a repeating loop, as they blame everyone else for their woes instead of looking in the mirror and holding themselves responsible for the mess they created by voting against their best interest.

Harsh? Maybe, but when you have been on the receiving end of the "I love you, but I am going to go vote for the person who will do you the most harm," you tend to get fed up rather quickly. I am no longer willing to engage with people who lie to my face and sabotage my well being with their vote. 

I am done playing nice. 

I will resist them at every turn.

I will fight them tooth and nail.

I will make sure my voice is louder than theirs.

I will vote against every GOP candidate, proposed law, and their agenda every time I vote.

I will protest.

I will call them out in public for their bigotry, racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia, Islamphobia, and hypocritical Christian values, with every breath I take. 

I will embarrass them every chance I get.

I will not tolerate the dismantling of our society by using Atlas Shrugged as a playbook.

I will not sit down.

I will not be silent.

I will use everything I have to fight for those they negate, until my dying breath.

You may say, "We have to open up communication to understand them."

I say, "I already understand them, and have for years. They don't understand me and have no interest in trying."

I will stand up to hate, by loving those hated, as I always have, not by pampering the hater with feel good intentions.

The GOP has declared war on me.

I will not surrender.

I will not back down.

I will fight, even if I fight alone.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Anti- Trump Art

I know it has been awhile since I have been here, but grief, life changes, a move and many other things have caused me to take a break. It was good for my soul and has given me time to reflect on my life as an artist and to find the courage to make some changes I needed to make.

So, I am back and I am pissed off in numerous ways about the election and the way this country has allowed such an overtly unqualified human being to be in charge of this country for the next few years. I have channeled all that anger into a few art pieces.

As an artist, I am interested in creating works that call for the audience to become as emotionally engaged in them as I am. My goal is to use a variety of mediums and material, including found objects, to create pieces that will expand the conversation on social justice issues, such as racism, LGBTQ rights, gun control, abortion, women’s rights, and political corruption.

The art is for sale with 100% of the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. If the art does not sell within the next few months, I will send it as a gifts to Trump and Pence for their future libraries. :)

 18” x 24”                             "TrumpleThinSkin Has 5 Chins"                   $950.00

Acrylic, digital art, Plexiglass, church sign letters and various other mediums on canvas.
Industrial, vibrant and compelling, this work highlights the misogynistic words that Donald Trump has broadcast to describe women on Twitter and in interviews. The piece uses digital art to showcase how his own insults could be self-applied. Framed with construction strapping. 

24” x 30”                             "VoldeTrump"                                   $850.00

Acrylic, digital art, Plexiglass, stencils, and various other mediums on canvas.
Rough, industrial, clean and detailed, this piece explores the relationship between Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump, and racism, freedom and fascism. Framed with construction strapping.

12” x 24”                                   "Dear Pence, Fuck You"                        $750.00

Acrylic, digital art, Plexiglass, metal, stencils, and various other mediums on canvas.

Stark, direct, industrial, and controversial in content, this piece explores the connection between Mike Pence and the reproductive rights of women. It uses an original poem to convey the feelings of women everywhere.

I have also created a digital art piece to show solidarity with all those disenfranchised by the GOP and their bigoted policies. This piece has been used to create items in my store, where you can purchase various items with this image. All proceeds I gain will be donated to social justice reform organizations. 

I have a few more things in the works right now. Please go check out the links and let me know if you are interested in making a purchase.