Friday, January 6, 2017

Anti- Trump Art

I know it has been awhile since I have been here, but grief, life changes, a move and many other things have caused me to take a break. It was good for my soul and has given me time to reflect on my life as an artist and to find the courage to make some changes I needed to make.

So, I am back and I am pissed off in numerous ways about the election and the way this country has allowed such an overtly unqualified human being to be in charge of this country for the next few years. I have channeled all that anger into a few art pieces.

As an artist, I am interested in creating works that call for the audience to become as emotionally engaged in them as I am. My goal is to use a variety of mediums and material, including found objects, to create pieces that will expand the conversation on social justice issues, such as racism, LGBTQ rights, gun control, abortion, women’s rights, and political corruption.

The art is for sale with 100% of the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. If the art does not sell within the next few months, I will send it as a gifts to Trump and Pence for their future libraries. :)

 18” x 24”                             "TrumpleThinSkin Has 5 Chins"                   $950.00

Acrylic, digital art, Plexiglass, church sign letters and various other mediums on canvas.
Industrial, vibrant and compelling, this work highlights the misogynistic words that Donald Trump has broadcast to describe women on Twitter and in interviews. The piece uses digital art to showcase how his own insults could be self-applied. Framed with construction strapping. 

24” x 30”                             "VoldeTrump"                                   $850.00

Acrylic, digital art, Plexiglass, stencils, and various other mediums on canvas.
Rough, industrial, clean and detailed, this piece explores the relationship between Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump, and racism, freedom and fascism. Framed with construction strapping.

12” x 24”                                   "Dear Pence, Fuck You"                        $750.00

Acrylic, digital art, Plexiglass, metal, stencils, and various other mediums on canvas.

Stark, direct, industrial, and controversial in content, this piece explores the connection between Mike Pence and the reproductive rights of women. It uses an original poem to convey the feelings of women everywhere.

I have also created a digital art piece to show solidarity with all those disenfranchised by the GOP and their bigoted policies. This piece has been used to create items in my store, where you can purchase various items with this image. All proceeds I gain will be donated to social justice reform organizations. 

I have a few more things in the works right now. Please go check out the links and let me know if you are interested in making a purchase.


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