Friday, October 14, 2011

Friendly House LA

Hello Again!

I wanted to take a minute and share a video with you! This is where the "Sober" piece is going... to Friendly House LA, and I could not be happier that some small thing I have made might raise a buck or two for them.

Russell Brand was on the new Rosie show on OWN and much to my surprise he visited the house. I was really glad to see him do so, because this non-profit is one worth the publicity.

For me personally, the nice thing about seeing this segment was I saw someone I know. She looks fabulous and healthier than I have ever seen her and for that I am forever grateful to Peggy and the wonderful people who helped her.

It is one thing to hear about a great program, hear from someone who has gone through the program, but something better to actually see the results in someone's eyes when they are in a program that works. Having known one of the people in the segment for a long time and seeing her struggle with addiction, it was amazing to see the difference in her eyes this time.

If you can, take a minute to go check out Friendly House LA and read for yourself the wonderful work they do and ways you can help! If you suffer from addiction, please go here and read about getting help, it is so worth living your life to the fullest!

I am hoping the art sells well and I can find out how much the fundraiser was able to bring in for this amazing place of hope! I will of course keep you posted with an update if and when I find out!

Please go click the links and check them out more fully! Remember, I am like Santa with my Stat Counter and know where you have been and where you go from my site... so don't disappoint me!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Hey there!
I know it has been awhile, but I have been in my studio creating, so there is a good excuse. But, my exciting news is that I have a piece of art going out to CA for auction. It is going out there without me, but you can't win them all!

The organization is Friendly House LA and I can't think of a better place for this piece to do some good. They have their annual awards luncheon, where Russell Brand will be honored with "Man of the Year!"
"Founded in 1951, Friendly House LA is the oldest women’s recovery living home in the US, providing a safe harbor for women suffering from the destruction of alcoholism and drug abuse, and has earned a world renowned reputation as the model for sober living."
This cause is one dear to my heart, because I have had several good friends and family members fight with addiction. Some of them won the battle and have been living in sobriety for years, while others fight daily to maintain their sobriety.

I love that this organization offers women a safe harbor, and I know it works. I am honored to donate the art, in the hopes it will be auctioned off and raise money for their continued good work. I am also pretty thrilled something I created will be in the same room as Russell Brand...

Anyway, that is the update, and now it is back to work for me.